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Welcome to Character Transformation Painters
Welcome to Character Transformation

GOOD CHARACTER is necessary to successfully meet life's challenges. But it doesn't just happen. It'e up to all of us to teach young people right from wrong.

Be a T.E.A.M. player

TEACH children that their character matters.
Explain that their success and happiness depend on who they are inside, not on what they have or how they look. Teach them the difference between right and wrong and guide their thought and actions by the six pillars of Character; trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.
Explain these words and use examples from your own experience, history and daily news articles

ENFORCE the six pillars of character.
Reward good behaviour and discourage bad behaviour by imposing fair consistent consequences. Demonstrate courage and firmness.

ADVOCATE character.
Continually encourage children to live up to the Six Pillars of Character.
Don't be neutral about the importance of character, and don't be casual about improper conduct. Be clear and uncompromising.

MODEL good behaviour.
Everything you say and do sends a message about your values. Be sure these messages reinforce your lessons about doing the right thing, even when it is difficult. When you slip, be accountable; apologise sincerely and do better!

Character-Development Initiatives

Purposeful: Articulate clear and explicit objectives. All elements of this program should influence values and behaviour.

Pervasive: The Six Pillars of character must be visible in all aspects of the character Matters school Initiative.

Repetitive: Messages about the meaning and importance of good character should be frequently and conspicuously repeated.

Consistent: Attitudes, words and actions must be consistent with the content of the Six Pillars.

Creative: The program must go beyond moralizing. It should employ a variety of direct and indirect teaching strategies to engage the imagination. It must always be presented in a creative and fun environment.

Concrete: The values should be expressed to the point as realistic and relevant as possible to the situations.

Good decisions are both Ethical and Effective

Think before you act. Ask yourself:

  • Have I thought about the way my choices are likely to help or hurt other people?

  • Am I living up to the Six Pillars of Character by being trust-worthy, respectfull, responsible, fair, caring and a good cotizen even if I have to give up something I want?

  • If I have to choose between the Six Pillars, am I making a good choice and will it be to the advantage of the society in the long run?
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Character Transformation
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